In the forefront of the energy transition

Noventum Power is a renewable energy IPP company with fully integrated development capabilities, with its head office in London. Our main focus is developing renewable energy power plants across the United Kingdom. Our highly experienced management team and partners allow us to deliver quality, bankable renewable power assets

We have a strong track-record in delivering renewable energy projects both the UK and across Europe. The team have been involved in power engineering, construction and investment with over 1GW of combined experience.

Our focus is on the development of large-scale solar, wind and hybrid energy storage projects.

Noventum Power

As an integrated IPP with in-house development expertise, we specialise in delivering projects from start to finish, offering a complete end to end clean energy solution for all our stakeholders.

We are fully committed to supporting global efforts to decarbonise the electricity system and contribute the UK’s national targets of cutting CO2 emissions by 78% by 2035 compared with 1990 levels.

As the UK’s single largest source of power generation is natural gas, which is contributing to a period of high UK energy prices caused by rising international prices, we intend to support the transition into renewables and help reduce the UK’s reliance on volatile global supply of energy.

Noventum Power
Noventum Power

Why Renewable energy?

Solar and Wind power are the future. The world’s demand for emissions-free and affordable electricity will grow rapidly in coming years, which makes solar or wind technology an excellent choice to meet this need – they are perfectly placed with their ability to be scalable and economical when compared against other forms of energy generation.